NYU Documentary

I was visiting NYU to re-tape few spots for the documentary movie Syntax Error. Paused here is with Phillip Kim.

John Jay College, NYC

March 2016, Urban league meeting in John Jay College, NYC. I attended Urban League meeting and was very impressed that John Jay’s work was equal rights, human rights and unity of different Christian denominations!

LI Turkish Cultural Center Turkey Trip Reunion

March 2016, LI Turkish Cultural Center Turkish Cooking Class & Turkey Trip Alumni gathering
I attended the LI Turkish Cultural Center for Turkish Trip reunion. Then few weeks later I revisited it again with several Korean friends to learn how to make Turkish food.

LI Turkish Cultural Center

Mr. Chul Seung Lee Memorial Service

March 10, 2016, Memorial Service for Mr. Chul Seung Lee at the Promised Church
I am not familiar with Korea Politic. However, I learned that Mr. Chul Seung Lee was well known Korean optician. This memorial service was organized by Terence Park. I volunteered to sing and had opportunity to meet my friend and poet, Helen Sanghee Kwak as well as Dr. Hubert Hojae Lee from upstate NY.