Korea Youth Association (KOYA)

Korea Youth Association (KOYA) is Educational NPO with 350,000 members in Korea. In 2012, KOYAA ( KOYA of America) was established in NY and this summer, Korean Anerican Youth were invited to Korea for the 2014 Korean Future Generation Leadership Program. Korean American woman, Soh Young Lee-Segredo, leader of Multicultural Education and Culture was appointed as The KOYAA Education, Culture and Performance Art Committed Director. She was the lead teacher, taking 18 students to Korea from July 22-August 2. The group was welcomed at the Hi Seoul Youth Hostel, the sponsor, and along with the staff members of Hi Seoul Youth Hostel, Ms. Ji Hyun Jun, two KOYA Youth Volunteer Guides, Harrison Lee and Daniel Kim, traveled the following places: Kyung Bok Gung Palace and attractions in city of Seoul with Volunteer Youth Guides. They learned about Korean tradition, food, fashion, ethiquet, and education system. Then they compared their findings with the American system. The group visited Korean National Museum, one of the biggest museum in S. Korea and learned about the artifacts which are national treasures.  The group visited newly built Samsung SIM ( Sam Sung Innovation Museum) in the city of Soo Won, Kyung Ki Provence. The group visited Jun Joo, the well known city in Jun La Province and slept in typical Traditional Korean style house. July 29 till July 31, the group camped among 5,000 students in Muju, Jun La province, and opened the KOYA International Camp 2014 with the Korean National Anthem. The group also competed with other international youth groups and received second place by presenting song and dance. Home stay was unique cultural exchange program where families showed Korean hospitality to Korean Americans. The students had full schedule and was extremely tired but they all agreed and evaluated this was much ‘ bonding’ experience making new friends. To me personally, it was tremendous responsibity making sure we do not leave anyone or anything behind, staying heathy in extreme heat and muggy weather. How do we go to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice and practice. We had difficulty to find rehearsal time and place since we were constantly moving. Against all odd, the students did their best and delivered their best performance and won second place! Written by Soh Young Lee-Segredo ( photo is with KOYA CEO, Mr. Woo Yea Hwang) 

한민족 차세대 리더 프로그램이  한국 청소년 연맹 주최(황우여 총재), 하이서울유스호텔 주관으로 722일부터 82일까지 한국에서 있었다.  미래 대한민국을 이끌어  차세대 리더들을 발국하고 한민족 청소년간 국제교류 네트워크를 구축하고자   행사는 17명의 학생들과 3명의 인솔자를 중심으로  서울을 비롯하여 경기도충청도전라도를 방문했다.  특히 729일에서 731일까지는 청소년 연맹 야외캠프 대회에 참석하여 5000명의 현지 학생들과 생활했다.  그리고 해당 콘서트에서 애국가를 불렀으며 인기상을 받았다.  올해로 2회째를 맞고 있는  프로그램은 한국청소년연맹 한국 본부와 지난해 한국청소년연맹 미주 지부로 설립된 “한국청소년미주연맹(이석찬 총장)” 차세대 지도자로서 한민족을 이끌어 나갈 우리 청소년들에게전세계적인 한민족 청소년 민간 교류를 통한 글로벌 네트웍을 구축하고 민족적 자긍심과 정체성을 고취시키겠다는 취지로 시작되었다또한 이를 기반으로 미주 지부를 전세계 글로벌 네트웍의 허브(중심) 구축하겠다는 대규모 프로젝트의 시발점으로  행사를 지속적으로 활성화 시킬 계획이라고 미주연맹은 밝히고 있다.