Korean War Veterans 64th Memorial

June 22, 2014 KWVs at American Region Post 151, Middle Town, NY to remember June 25, 64th Memorial. Soh Young Lee-Segredo put KWV Instinct Choir and Singing BD song to two ladies. All KWVs sang Arirang together. Soh Young Lee-Segredo sang American National Anthem with Sam Tucker, one of the veterans, and Korean Anthem.

Kwv one of the performers, Sunabi Yi, played Gayagum, Kumungo, they are Korean Zither. All the performers were recognized at the KWV event.

Many political officers and guests, including Sal Scalato, KWV President of NYS and Secretary, John Sejong Ha, from NY, attended the KWV Memorial and Concert event in MIddle Town, NY on Sunday, June 22, 2014. Ann Atkins, Soh Young Lee-Segredo with Dr. Hubert Lee, KWV 2nd President, host of the event.

June 20, 2014 Korea Times NY article regarding the Sunday, June 22, 2014 KWV Memorial and Concert event in Middle Town, NY. Dr. Hubert Hojae Lee and KAF (Korean American Foundation members) met Hon. Son Se-Joo, Consulate General of Korean Consulate General in New York. Korean Consulate donated $2,000 toward KAF, a scholarship program for the ‘boys and girls & students in need’ to Korea, our homeland. 

총영사관, 한미사랑의 재단 후원금 전달

입력일자: 2014-06-20 (금)
한미 사랑의 재단(총재 이호제)이 이달 22일 오후 4~8시 뉴욕 업스테이스트 미들타운의 ‘미참전용사회 202 지부(185 Wawayanda Ave. Middletown NY 10940)’에서 ‘고국의 소년소녀 가장 및 장애우 돕기 자선 음악회’를 개최한다.행사를 앞두고 뉴욕총영사관은 16일 후원금 2,000달러를 재단에 전달했다. 사진은 후원금 전달식을 갖고 있는 손세주(왼쪽에서 세 번째부터) 총영사와 이호제 총재 등. ▲음악회 문의: 845-469-7684 <사진제공=한미 사랑의 재단>


KWV Monument in Happague

Suffolk County Executive building is seen from the KWV Monument in Happague, NY, gather by KWVs and Korean Community leaders as well as many government official from different towns in Suffolk County to give tribute to KWVs on June 20, 2014. (Featured Photo Above: Sunabi Yi, Daniel Lee Segredo and Soh Young Lee-Segredo with Korean Veterans at KWV Monument in Happague, NY)

20140620_194928 Soh Young Lee-Segredo and Daniel Segredo, dedicated singers of Korean and American National Anthem and God Bless America at KWV Ceremony on June 20, 2014 at Happague KWV Monument. 20140620_181047